Happy April Fool’s Day! The Joke’s on Mom!

Written by Emily

My littles are hilarious. Absolutely hilarious. I thought I hated practical jokes, but my kids really know how to get a laugh. It’s non-stop side-splitting tomfoolery up in here.

Like this for instance:


Just when I needed a little plastic wrap. Not a single sticky piece left. Brilliant.

And this


I almost broke my ankle. The hilarity ensues…


How do they even do that?


It’s a gift.

I imagine them plotting: “Just when Mom thinks she can snag a moment of peace…


Let’s make it awkward.” Totally worth it. Totally.

Twenty three seconds after I cleaned the stainless steel fridge, I caught a little prankster at work on this masterpiece.


She’s quick.


Good thing stickers always peel off without a trace (never not once in the history of stickers).

But my absolute favorite prank of all:


“Mommy, this is the best dinner ever!” (to use as an exfoliant).

I love April Fool’s Day, or as I like to call it, Everyday.

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4 replies

  1. Or as I like to call it – Every day! 🙂 Thank goodness Mr. T and I never got into that – can I just admit that I’m not a fan of pranks, that the good humor that is supposed to come alone with being pranked just eludes me. I never take it well.
    NOW – I do find it hysterical when others are pranked! For example, I laughed when reading all your kids have done to you, I found them to be excellent pranksters!

    Happy April Fool’s Day Emily!

  2. Oh my, those toothpaste sculptures are classic. And the ones created on the sink, and left to harden to cement. The little dears. Hilarious, made me laugh.

  3. Oh, but how does that little girl ever get disciplined?? She is too cute! On the flip side, I was bombarded with ridiculous April Fool’s jokes. “Mom, guess what? There are penguins in our pool…no really!” (said with a silly, trying to be believable face…mind you, as I stand right next to the pool with her). Then, “April Foooawls!” And it went on and on with other nonsense tricks and jokes all day.

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