Way in the Red

Written by Emily

Yesterday in honor of all things Irish, The Daily Beast had a little slide show of famously “hot gingers” called Gratuitous St. Paddy’s Redheads. I had to peek. I felt inspired to pay homage to my Irish roots with some gratuitous pics of my absolute favorite red head. It’s especially fitting because any given day with her is much like a day surrounded by drunken misfits pretending to be Irish. For example…

She thinks everything is absolutely hilarious


especially herself.

She’s kind of a mess.


Ok. She is a mess most of the time.


She’ll put anything in her mouth at least once.


There are times when she can’t possibly take one more step.


She dresses like this.


and this.


She’s unpredictable.


She tries to be helpful, but she’s all thumbs


and knees and other things.

She’s fearless,


strangely confident,


and loud for no reason at all.


She makes this face.


And falls madly in love.


With her, there is never a dull moment.


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2 replies

  1. She is unquestionably a unique, lovely little sprite! Her own person, for sure! May the Good Lord look kindly on you!

  2. She is precious, and definitely already knows who she is – hope she keeps that! She WILL be a challenge when he becomes a teenager. She loves life and grabs all she can get! I just realized she is the youngest and last of our precious grandchildren who we treasure!! We Praise the Lord for each of them!!

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