First Thirty One 2014 Photo Challenge: Week Four Favs!

Written and Compiled by Audrey Zimmerman

Sadly, it’s the last week of the second annual First Thirty One photo challenge. It was so much fun sharing January with you! Here are this week’s favorites:

Day 24 – home:


Alyson’s (@alynlang) snow covered home where she grew up. So cozy!

Day 25 – branches:


Caelee (@caelee_lynn) used awesome effects in her photo!

Day 26 – cozy:


Ashley (@ashleylpark), what a cozy photo! So cute!

Day 27 – bright:


Words that brightened Michelle’s (@skipnmich) day.

Day 28 – sweets:


What pretty valentine’s sweets, El! (@elnoz)

Day 29 – on the road:


This photo is adorable, Jeannette! (@mommyneedsamartini)

Day 30 – glisten:


Such a pretty view, @cmgl10srt!

Day 31 – moving forward:


What an awesome shot! Absolutely love this, @mamaklu5!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s First Thirty One photo challenge! I hope you’re inspired to keep photographing the rest of 2014!

Happy 2014!

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