Parenting: A Snow Day in Numbers

Written by Emily

Maybe you heard that a Polar Vortex had parts of the country in the kind of death grip you’d expect from a comic book villain? While I was learning how to take screen shots of the temperature on my phone, I was also learning a little bit about snow days from the other side…the parent side.


4 number of snow days before kids get a crazed glint in their eyes.

47 number of minutes it takes to get the kids ready to play in the snow.

32 number of minutes kids play in the snow.

15 number of minutes before someone gets a snowball in the face.

5 number of minutes spent consoling victim and dissuading epic revenge.

2,327  times I repeat myself before someone, anyone answers me. This might be an slight exaggeration, but I doubt it.

1 number of socks, shoes or gloves available at any given time.

98 organizational strategies put to work to match socks, shoes and gloves.

0 number of organizational strategies that stuck.

2,354 number of times I said some variation of “hurry!”, “take your time”, “be careful”, “not so fast”, “wait!”

0 number of times the kids and I moved at the same pace.

72 number of times I picked up the same toy from different parts of the house.

8 number of times I tried to turn cleaning into a game.

3 number of times it worked.

125 minutes in Frozen.

5,278 times I’ve heard my girls sing “Let it Go”

5,276 number of times before I lost my mind.

6 number of Pinterest projects planned.

3 number of projects finished without tears.

0 number of projects that included glitter of any kind.

4 number of snow days we survived.

4 number of snow days I wondered if we would.

52 number of days until spring.

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4 replies

  1. LOVE this, Emily! Although my son isn’t school age yet — he’s only two — he does go to a half-day preschool that has cancelled school a few times this winter because of snow. I’ve thought a lot about how different my experience of snow days is now from when I was a teacher. Teachers get more excited than kids about a day off of school! For moms, these unexpected days trapped in the house during bad weather can be so endless.

  2. Bravo! Even though Mr. T is older, I always look forward to the vacation time together… I don’t look forward to it so much when it gets extended too much. One extra day? Rock on! Two extra days? Score! Three extra days? Um, we’re running out of food. Four extra days? You stay in your room and I’ll stay in mine.

  3. Funny! How did you come up with all those numbers? I can visualize you w/a list somewhere that you keep adding to ( >:) Aren’t we all so thankful for washers & dryers!! Envision wet stuff hanging everywhere, drip drying . . . . . .

  4. Ha! I’m in day 1 of 2 of our Florida snow day…I totally admire you! See my post tmrw 😉

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