First Thirty One 2014 Photo Challenge: Week Two Favorites

Compiled and Written by Audrey Zimmerman

It’s the second week of photo challenging! Yay!

This past week brought in so many interesting photographs. Here are some of my favorites:

Day 10 – Bundled:


This looks like a good place to be bundled, Meghan! (@meghaneriley)

Day 11 – Wonder:


During the winter we can wonder about many things, but Addie (@addiezimm) captured it best by wondering when the rain will end.

Day 12 – Tradition:


Austin (@austinlangon) carries on a tradition by using his dad’s scouting kit.

Day 13 – Focus:


Grace (@gracexsmith) captured a gorgeous sunrise!

Day 14 – Share:


What a fantastic example of sharing, @mamaklu5! Love this!

Day 15 – Hat:


Little Milo would look adorable in any kind of hat, Alison! (@apasierb)

Day 16 – Routine:


So great, Sam! (@samross) Wearing my Alex and Ani bracelets are a part of my daily routine, too.

Thank you for participating in the #firstthirtyone2014 photo challenge! I’m looking forward to next week’s photographs!

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2 replies

  1. Thanks for taking the time to compile the list for me (and maybe a few others out there in the blogopshere!) 😉 I love seeing what has come in!

  2. Awesome photos! I admire and envy people who can capture moments like these.

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