Never Choose the Balloon Penguin and Other Parenting Lessons

Written by Michelle

Another year has ended.

Another one has begun.

Can you remember what happened in your life last year?

Most of the the time…I have no idea.

After having kids (and with each consecutive child) every end of the year has become a bigger blur, a struggle to trace or perhaps patch together the moments that made up the past 365 days. Between milestones and traumas, stomach bugs and outbreaks, some memories are mostly forgotten. I’m okay tucking away the nights filled with Lysol and vomit if I can relive glorious summer beach vacations. 

This year, I really struggled to piece 2013 together, but it all became less blurry when I downloaded a year’s worth of pictures onto my computer. Yes, a year! (HUGE achievement on my part). As I watched almost 2,000 images flash before my eyes, I had to give Apple a mini standing ovation for downloading that many images that fast and giving my memory a quick chuckle.

Seeing the pictures again made me realize, parenthood, which leaves me high and dry most days, stumped and confused, exhausted and elated is EVERYTHING to me. These three crazies I call my children fully complete me. Although a day doesn’t go by that I don’t wonder if I really need a license to do this, all three nuts have provided me a handbook of highlights in images that encompass my previous year.


Highlight #1

On a hot humid night, after hours of venturing through Disney World, we were all running on fumes. My husband, the kids… me. We were FRIED. DONE. On our trek back to our hotel, and before getting tucked in, my son and my husband exchanged quick mischievous eyes. In less than one minute, two whispers and thee quick footsteps, the men in my life brought tears, giggles and pure laughter to our family when they loudly plunged into the pool, fully clothed. I can still hear their laughter as the whole family joined in. It was unexpected, impulsive and utterly perfect.


My oldest son has taught me to take a plunge…a leap of faith to add hope and laughter to events that after a long day seem daunting.

Highlight #2

Attending birthday parties with kids can be hectic. My six-year-old was very excited to attend a party with a ballon twister as an entertainer. She poured over all of the balloon creations she could take home until she finally picked the one she loved the most, a white poodle. Unfortunately, her excitement was abruptly shattered when she was handed a white penguin. She ran to me and buried her head in my lap crying embarrassed tears. The entertainer had mistaken her order. As I dug out the ballon that was hidden underneath our embrace I was….well, SURPRISED.



(and secretly giggling)


From my second child I learned Parenting Tip #101: Never allow your child to choose a pet penguin (or poodle) as her party favor from the balloon entertainer. And more importantly, Parenting Tip #102: Be careful what you wish for.

Highlight #3

Another milestone, another year. Potty training is OVER!


**Cue chest bumps and high fives**

My baby is DONE with diapers.


If you are a mother who finds herself talking about your kid’s poop as much as I do, you know how exciting this is. No more running to the bathroom at the drop of “I need to go caca!” We are finally trained!


It’s OVER.



Then again, maybe not. Sooo close.

From my baby I learned that just when you think you have it all under control, you don’t. Honestly, I don’t think we ever will.

What can I say…

S@#*T happens, and the more it does, the more I learn and grow.

Happy 2014!

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6 replies

  1. hahahahhaha – okay, now that was a great retrospective! Good way to keep it all in perspective!

  2. Love it..we are who we are because of where we were.

  3. Did you mean SHED happens? LOL!!

    • Oh Shed.
      Yes, SHED happens! 🙂
      And, it’s still happening!
      Thanks for reading our blog. It makes me so excited when I read comments from friends.

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