Body Image: A Metamorphosis of Epic Proportion

Written by Emily

I took this picture last year. My girl put on a fancy dress because it was sunny and a perfect day for spinning.


My eyes burn when I see this picture, her arm still soft with the memory of her baby body, her knuckles still dimpled. So much can happen in a year.

Her body stretched and grew taught, her legs straightened, her hair filled in at the temples. A little girl body replaced the baby one, and the rolls I so loved to kiss tightened and began to disappear. In the nighttime hush, I choke up at the loss of my baby but smile at the little girl she’s becoming: a metamorphosis of epic proportion.

I thought these were the changes only a mommy notices when the lights are low and nostalgia comes knocking. I thought she was too little still for her to see that her reflection had changed.

But then she wrapped herself in her karate belt and said, “Mommy, aren’t I skinny?”


Today, we’re featured on Mamalode, and we couldn’t be more excited! Please click on the image of my twirling little one to read the post about how Skinny made its first appearance.

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2 replies

  1. Great post – I love how you told her all of the good things she is – all of the qualities that are on the inside, and not the outside. But yes, Skinny will come back. Hopefully Skinny will be replaced with Healthy. 🙂


  1. Spreading More Good Cheer | Winding Road

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