A Call to Action: Celebrating Life and Love and Legacy

Written by Michelle


There are some things money just can’t buy, time can’t give back to us, pictures simply can’t replace.

We feel them. Deep inside.


Last year I met a pretty fantastic young woman. Our lives crossed paths weekly through fitness classes. Her energy was infectious and her smile could (and still does) light up a room. You simply could not forget her.

And I haven’t.

Through time, changing teaching schedules and locations our meetings became less frequent. We lost touch. Yet, through mutual friends, I was kept abreast of her life and the turn that it suddenly took.

This past September that amazing woman, mother, and wife lost her husband and best friend to a battle with cancer. As I read how a community rallied to support and uplift her spirits, she has never ceased to amaze me in how she carries herself. Her courage, her faith, her love for her family have held her together and in turn inspired many. Including me.

The past month has been challenging for her. This week especially as this Thursday, November 14th would have been her 15th Wedding Anniversary. She shared the following message on her social media page, and I asked her permission to share it with you:

As most of you know, Dan had the biggest heart. He would gladly give his shirt to anyone who asked for it and lived for giving to others. So I’m asking you all to help me honor a very special day in my life…by giving to others; paying it forward. What an honor it would be for each and everyone of you in this group to do something nice for someone else. Pay for a stranger’s coffee or meal, take someone some flowers, rake your neighbor’s leaves, tape an envelope with some cash in it to a vending machine, visit a senior center, etc.

Live intentionally this week and make someone else’s day brighter because of it. If you choose to do something, I would love to get a private message letting me know, although it’s not necessary. Dan worked hard at trying to make things better for those who needed help and so let’s all take some time this week to do that!

It’s so simple, yet so powerful. The ripple effect…simply phenomenal. The positive benefits, endless.

On the eve of a day promising to uphold her husband’s memory and his positive spirit through kinds words and actions, I hope that you are inspired to take action with us.

Money can’t buy the feeling you get when you make someone else smile.

Time can’t give back to us a day that we have left not leaving our mark.

Pictures won’t replace memories.

Yet, making new moments by paying it forward could spark

………………….a ripple effect of actions

……………………………celebrating the life

……………………………………………and legacy

…………………………………………………a man left behind.


Fourtuitous invites you to join us tomorrow, Thursday, November 14th to “Pay it Forward”. If you are able, we would love to hear how you lived intentionally.

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8 replies

  1. I’m a big believer in Pay it Forward, and am working on my Random Acts of Kindness list – so yes, I will join you tomorrow!

    • Kate, that is fantastic to hear! Thank you SO, SO very much. I’m excited! We plan a special outing with the girls. 🙂 We would love to hear about it.

      • Sorry it’s taken so long to report back! We bought a case of water and dropped it off at our local Fire Dept. I tried to pay for the coffee for the person behind us… but there wasn’t anyone! That never happens! It wasn’t until this weekend that I could do that, Mr. T was driving and so I let him tell the cashier that we wanted to pay for the coffee for the car behind us – and when it was done, Mr. T looked over and said ‘that felt good’. 🙂 I’m glad that we could participate, even if it took me longer to complete than I expected!

  2. That’s what LOVE is all about! God bless you all. We’ll join in.

  3. I’m reading this a bit late but I will still participate! i love kindness to others, especially when they don’t expect it. xo

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