Joy Again and Again. Everywhere.

Written by Emily

And there he was:

a whisper from God,

a breath from the heavens–

whatever your creation inclination might be–

a remarkable chemical reaction,

the result of an epic science experiment, it was there, fully realized in that room.




All birthed with the final push that brought a new baby into this world,

and into our family.

People talk about cutting tension with a knife. How awful. On Friday afternoon, it was joy that was palpable in that room. But I wouldn’t want to cut it. I’d rather slather it on everything, coat everything and everyone in sight like it did in the delivery room that day.

I’ve given birth to three amazing babies, and each rivaled the other for the most significant experience of my life. Each delivery was just as it should have been and is part of my story and the beginning of my children’s. Rising action. Exposition.

On Friday though, I was on the other end watching a baby arch his head and breathe his first breath. It was the greatest gift my brother and my sister-in-law could have ever given me: an opportunity to see the joy I felt when my babies were born.

My nephew’s birthday is seared in my mind and on my heart like a brand because on the other end, I noticed everything in the room. I saw the determination in my sister-in-law’s face, and the lone tear that ran down her face in anticipation of the boy that made her a mother. I noticed the way my nephew’s head wrinkled as it met the outside world. I saw the smile that moved the doctor’s mask a little higher on her face. Light touching metal. The blinking heart on the monitor. The way my brother gripped his wife’s hand. The evenness of his voice as he counted. Everything. I noticed. I heard the casual banter between the staff in preparation for the big push. I watched the calm, but hurried dance. Nothing was a blur like it was when I was on the pushing end. Best of all, I got to see joy wrap itself around everything until it glowed…better than pixie dust or glitter.

Hundreds, thousands of babies made their grand entrances in that room. The doctor who coached my sister-in-law had, no doubt, done this more times than she could count, but seeing the excitement in her eyes, it could have been her first time. Joy was in the nurse’s smile and in the cheer from the resident hovering over the bed.

Joy again and again and again.


I want to slather it on everything, coat everything and everyone in sight

until we all glow.


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15 replies

  1. I can hardly breathe. With your words, you shared that experience with me–with all of us. Thank you.

  2. Beautiful, Emily….beautiful!

  3. I stood there five times, as a young father, watching this miracle occur. Certainly these were moments I will cherish forever. You might have said it perfectly, Emily… “A whisper from God”. I think He shows us what His love is really like in moments such as these. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. At first I thought you were going to announce you were pregnant… 🙂

    And, your delivery room experience was very different from mine. I wanted to stay by my sisters head, but she got up to go pee and all of the sudden that’s when we went – that’s a baby coming! Threw her back in bed and I ended up by the feet. You can’t un-see that!!! The nurse was great (because it happened too fast for the doc to make it). But egads! Then, then, it gets worse, the doc finally shows up and goes to sew her up… ACK! Seriously?!? How does that happen? Why do women sign up for that? I can never not see that!!!

    • You are hilarious! I wasn’t sure how I’d react, but I didn’t mind it…but I was prepared. There was nothing traumatic about it, so we were all lucky. When I delivered my son, my husband was shell-shocked for a very long time. He kept referencing a gaping hole. Nice. I think the two of you saw the same kind of thing!

  5. Beautiful account of a joyous event! How lucky to have shared in it.

  6. That was better than any video documentation. What an incredible gift to give one another. Happy Birthday!

  7. So many babies being born right now… How special that you got to experience it so close, without the pain of childbirth!

  8. A birth is a miracle. Every time. Wonderful description.

    • Brenda! So good to hear from you! Your blog revamp is lovely and the writing is breathtaking. And the pictures–I don’t even know what to say. I will be back again and again! Thanks for stopping by tonight 🙂

      • I like your site’s new look, too. I’m glad you like my site. I’m working hard on it every day. We can all use a little magic. 🙂 You have fabulous writing on your site, too. And your kid’s pinterest possibilities post was hilarious.

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