My Selfish Addiction

Written by Michelle

As a fitness instructor, my favorite time of the year is coming.

(Ok, fine…it’s three months away.)

But the excitement is building!  Can you feel it? It’s in the air! Do you know what it is?

It’s New Year’s Health and Fitness resolution time!


(**cue disgruntled current gym members who will lose their “usual” spots in class**)

In an attempt to get the word out to my working, stay-at-home and altogether “I want to try something different” friends and Mommas, I wanted to share a little of what I do and love. I hope that it makes you wonder, question or maybe even try something new before resolution craziness and hype hits your local gyms.


It’s come to my attention that I’m far…FAR from perfect. Recently, I’ve discovered that there is an evident malfunction between the part of my brain that connects what I’m thinking with the words that actually come out of my mouth.

The problem:

There is NO connection.

The result:

Mouth Diarrhea.

**Crap! **

No, really. Crap.

Regardless of what biology books claim to offer in scientific data regarding neurons and transmitters, I’m pretty sure that my brain probably resembles this:


Apparently, if given a mic and a group of interested health fanatics, this “malfunction” becomes even more evident. Resulting in this…


Don’t even get me started on parenting!

I think I can cover my bases when it comes to losing my “shed” with my kids.  Yet, lately when I go into discipline, what starts as a “Go to bed!” direction ends in an aimless soliloquy about how I forgot to get lip gloss during our last shopping crusade. Parenting mouth diarrhea at its best.

The answer to my secret prayers came earlier this year when I became certified to teach a fitness class called Body Flow, my #1 selfish addiction.

Les Mills Body Flow is a mixture of Tai Chi, yoga and Pilates fused into a fifty-five minute journey of moves that stretch, empower, center and relax you.

Even if you’re not a “human pretzel” or a “yogi”, this class is the perfect mixture of a great workout and the lesson to be more mindful everyday. Open and welcoming to all fitness levels, Body Flow instructors focus on “not wasting words”.

Fitness Instructors are taught to guide through SBS:

  1. Set it up- Clearly give initial cues for a pose.
  2. Breathe it up-Use breath to settle and relax you within a pose.
  3. Silence it up- Use silence to let people relax, enjoy and feel the poses as they discover their own personal fitness journey.

From learning to appreciate silence (something I don’t get often at home) to using concise, meaningful exchanges, I’ve embraced the journey and realized that due to my “malfunction” LESS is really more.

My favorite Body Flow words have become part of my kids’ everyday exchanges. It makes me laugh when I hear “let go”, “breathe” and “because you can” coming out of their mouths.

Yesterday, Liam (my eight year old) woke up at 1:30 am and walked over to my bed. He kissed me on the forehead and proceeded to say “I love you, Mami”. He then walked straight back to bed and continued sleeping. The next morning when I asked him why he had done that, he giggled, shrugged and said, “because I can!”

Thank you, Les Mills Body Flow! You have nothing to do with my brain-mouth disconnect. But because of you, I’m speaking LESS, but the words are sticking.

And maybe a few other things are sticking, too…





If you are looking for an entry level class that will give you a good workout as well as some peace and quiet both outside and in…welcome to my selfish addiction.

About Les Mills Body Flow:

How to find a Less Mills class near you:

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2 replies

  1. Thanks for the early morning giggle! Your mouth diarrhea is one of the things I love most about you! I hope no amount of Body Flow ever changes that 😉

  2. “Mouth Diarrhea” I like that. Less intentional than verbal masturbation. I suffer from what I guess you could call Literary Diarrhea at ericcentric

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