A Headboard Solution: A Cost-Effective Revamp!

Written by Emily


When I decided to take on the challenge of being a SAHM, I was a nutcase. I assumed that I would immediately acquire some kind of domestic superpower that would give me control over house and home and everyone inside. I was a fool.

As a result of my neurosis, I decided my entire house needed to be revamped. Only then would I be able to truly get a grip.

One of the places I started was my bedroom. I’d grown tired of my plain wooden headboard, and I kept seeing beautiful upholstered ones on HGTV and HOUZZ. I knew that a new bed was out of the question. I, personally, don’t have an income now, and my paycheck was the one that always paid for my spontaneous projects that needed to happen right this second if everything was going to flow smoothly and be right in my world. As Don from donofalltrades commented about me, I am “intermittently horrible to live with.” And obviously transparent.

No matter. I can’t be deterred by funds or opinion or anything really, so I set to work finding a cost-effective solution.

My current headboard has three recessed panels…YEEEESSSSS! I decided to create upholstered panels to give it a new look. I’ve been transitioning my master bedroom to pale grey and white with pops of yellow. A new headboard was an absolute, no-doubt, no-brainer must-have to add pattern and texture and a little something something.


While Sylvie napped, I measured and marked and drilled five holes in each panel for my buttons.


I spread my fabric on the table ( a shower curtain from Target!).


My pre-cut wooden panels were my template. I cut my fabric to fit, making sure to leave plenty of room on the sides to pull the fabric around the thickness of the panel and the batting. (FYI: I did iron the fabric before pulling it around the panels.)



Then, I wrapped the panels like a fabulous present!


I stapled the fabric in place and…ta-da! Seriously simple.

I used my extra fabric to cover the buttons. The instructions are included in the button packs. No biggie.

With my panels and buttons ready, I simply poked the buttons from the front of the panel to the back. I looped some heavy-duty thread through the back of the button and pulled until the front puckered just a bit. When I was happy with the pucker, I stapled the thread in place. I should have taken a picture of this, but I got distracted. It’s kind of messy looking because I zig-zagged the thread several times: staple, pull thread, staple pull thread until the button is secure.


And that’s it, folks. A new headboard in one day.



I really should have taken a picture of the entire room because it looks a bit garish here. But there were probably at least two laundry baskets of clothes on the floor.


Don’t have a paneled headboard? Just secure these panels to the wall to make a headboard of your own!

Obviously, my life has improved tremendously since I made this headboard.** I’ve got full control of the house.** And I am one step closer to being the domestic goddess I am destined to be.**

The truth? I don’t love the fabric. Apparently I thought I was quite a diva when I indulged in this huge animal print. Instead, I’m softening everything in my house, which means the animal print is just not working. I didn’t secure the panels to the headboard; they’re just wedged between the bed and the wooden headboard, so they’re easy to take off. Thankfully, I can change it up in no time! My husband will be thrilled. **

**indicate complete lies.

Happy DI(Why)ing, everyone!

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5 replies

  1. I was just going to ask: how does the hubby feel about zebra?

  2. This project really did pack a punch. And the fabric can easily be swapped out to fit your new style. I like that it softened the look of an all wood headboard without a big price tag. Maybe you really are a domestic goddess! I can hear the heavens singing!

  3. Wow! Nice work, I’m very impressed

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