An “Honest” Throw-Down between Grown-up and Toddler

Written by Emily

I’m not sure if you’ve caught this or not, but there’s a scuffle going on between Jessica Alba and a toddler. Very odd situation. I’m shocked it’s gone this far, to be honest. What I gather from the social media world (aka the honest truth) and the “real” media is that Alba’s company wants to protect their brand, The Honest Company. This cheeky toddler wants to protect her name and growing brand, The Honest Toddler. It’s all about the word honest, really.

I mean, who can blame Alba for wanting a guarantee from The Honest Toddler that she won’t eventually create flammable, toxic baby wear that will compromise the integrity of Alba’s organic, all-natural line? The baby can tweet, so she can probably sew. Valid concern.

Honestly, I think they’ve already reached a stalemate here; it’s a stare-down between grown-up and toddler. As parents, we’ve all been there. There’s no telling who will win. I’ve lost to my three at least as many times as I’ve won.

Alba’s tenacity in this probably comes from having tried to reason with a toddler in the past. Not easy. From what I’ve heard from The Honest Toddler, it’s. not. going. to. happen. And if Alba thinks she can tiptoe in during nap time, it won’t work. Honestly, the child doesn’t nap.

To be honest, I’m not taking sides here. I’ve been eyeing up a candle and some sunscreen from The Honest Company for months. And, honestly, I wish I would have discovered their diapers sooner. But this fighting with a child borders criminal. And this seems a bit much:


I don’t know who will win this one. My guess is Alba’s vying for a guest appearance on The Honest Toddler’s television show, and the toddler is negotiating some signed memorabilia from Alba’s acting days so she can one-up her dad for mom’s Best. Christmas. Present. Ever.

Time will tell who gives in…unless The Honest Toddler has mastered the silent treatment by then.


Note: Honest Mom (as mentioned in above letter) is real, and you should totally check her out!

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