Month: April 2013

It Takes a Village to Raise a Mom

Written by Emily It was one of those “I’m-not-eating-that-what-is-that-I’m-gagging-it-smells-funny-what-is-in-here-that’s-it-I’m-gagging-I-can’t-help-it-I-can’t-swallow-I’m-not-hungry-can-I-have-dessert?” kind of dinners with a “he’s-not-listening-to-me-look-at-this-face-did-you-know-I-could-do-that?-why-aren’t-you-looking? she’s-kicking-me-under-the-table-no-I’m-not” chaser. Sylvie banged on her high chair and babbled and brushed her food onto the floor because why wouldn’t she? In short it was… Read More ›