So, You’re Old…

Written by Cathy

So, you’re old. Avoiding mirrors did not freeze time. You aged anyway. You know you have because…

You are much older than your doctor. When he suggested you take Lipitor for your cholesterol, you asked him, “Do you take it?” He said, “No. But my father does.”

You were struggling to carry your beach paraphernalia back to your car. A sudden storm had blown up. You were struggling against the wind, lugging beach bag, chair, and sun hat. A car slows. A good samaritan? “Hey! You old grandmaaaaw.” The car accelerates past.

You’re at the Farmer’s Market. Your cart and a man’s cart bump. He winks and says he’s got some moves to show you. He is at least 80. Sigh.

You were at a party when a friend giggles, “Which would you rather? Get naked from the waist up or the waist down.” (And no. No one had to put their keys in a basket in this party.) Your other friend offers, “Well, if you want to see my boobs, it would have to be from the waist down.” Yes.

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  1. love your blog why??? hey turning 60 wasn’t a piece of cake BUT ?? sorry to the folks who want to turn from a guy to a gal or vice versa??? i’m sorry you are who you are…and your as old as you make you feel???? I always said of the late Dick Clark…I come from a family who doesn’t show their age? as an example my mom who just turned 82?? doesn’t look 82! my dad who’s 83 an thank god he quit drinking doesn’t look 83…

  2. Funny! I’m older than you are, and while we can’t change things (like our falling-apart bodies), I am trying to rejoice at each day the Lord has given me to enjoy! You and I are both richly blessed with precious, loving husbands who still love us, lumps & all, and THAT is precious!!

  3. I don’t go to parties — three kids. I drop my kids at parties. And my 4-year old streaks through the house in all her glory, naked top and bottom regularly. Perhaps my house is a party, now that I think about it.

  4. Love this…and getting “old” with someone like you in my life. Thanks for the smile!

  5. “Well, if you want to see my boobs, it would have to be from the waist down.” Hehe 🙂

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