Mom’s Calendar of Firsts: My 80th Month of Mommydom

Written by Emily

I loved collecting memories about Noah’s developmental milestones, all of his “firsts”–first tooth, first word, first friend. I took pride in writing every little detail as though each was a precious gold nugget: the way his mouth curled at the sight of carrots, the smell of his breath, even the shape of his poop.

What I never thought to write down were all of my mom milestones, the events and moments that changed me, shaped me into this new person: Mom. Some of these snapshots were lovely…like the moment I saw Noah (and Chloe and Sylvie, too) and believed in love at first sight, some not-so lovely.

Now that I have three children, I am in full mom-mode most of the time. There are moments everyday that redefine me and transform the way I see myself and sometimes the rest of the world.

I should have started this years ago.

My 80th Month of Mommydom (approximately)





Before and After


68 1/2 inches


Not now. Not ever.

What I eat:

Anything that makes my children cough, sigh, hold their noses, pretend they’re full, create diversions, act out, and make faces.

Things I’m learning to do:

Embrace my children’s “good mornings” and not scowl at their giddy 7:00am enthusiasm. Deactivate my super power of seeing with magnified clarity every mess in the house 5 minutes before leaving and launching into a frenzy of panicked tidying. Come to terms with the fact that every laundry system I devise will conclude with me needing to actually do the laundry–everyday.

I like:

Little handprints–even on the stainless steel. Spontaneous dance parties in the kitchen. Adult conversation. Not-so adult conversation. My children holding hands–just because. Giggling. My French Press. Laying heavy in a heap on the couch all legs and arms tangled in a mess of worn-out family. The smell of kids in the summer (BP–before puberty).

I don’t like:

Finding old chicken nuggets under the back seat of the car. Someone else’s boogies on my face (or mine but mostly other people’s).

Special Details:

To 3 naive little people, despite my missteps and miscalculations, I am the nicest, smartest, prettiest, hippest, strongest, funniest mom on the planet (note: I said mom because if they had to choose, they’d pick dad hands-down because he is the fun one. Jerk.).

Mom Calendar:

Note: These entries should be written on an adorable calendar. Let’s be real. Scraps of paper it is!

fashion first





Toilet Seat



I’m sure I’ve missed a few things, but it’s a start. What’s in your Mommy Moment Book?

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8 replies

  1. Today I was sly mummy. I told my son that if he really had tummy ache he would have to stay in bed all day and not would not be able to play instead of going to school. Needless to say he finished his breakfast and was actually dressed within 20minutes of my revelation!

  2. I love this!
    Mine would read…
    Today I caught myself sounding exactly like my mother.Another penny for the jar.
    …I secretly loved it. : )

  3. Totally crucial to include BP in that description 😉 Sweaty little heads are so cute…at this age.

  4. Love how the format goes with the content! I wish I had not lost all those little snippets of paper that held some of our life’s special moments…

  5. I know! They’re already slipping away…

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