My Own Captain Underpants

Written by Michelle

Who wouldn’t want to own an invisible plane like Wonder Woman? Or have the agility to climb buildings like Spiderman? Wouldn’t flying through the skies like Superman be a dream come true? It was. It STILL is to me.

I grew up having favorite super heroes, mythical men and women with spectacular supernatural powers. I secretly aspired to attain these grandiose abilities. I truly thought it was possible.

Although I longed for super powers, throughout the years I have shamefully come to resemble the Incredible Hulk. Not to worry…I don’t rip my clothes off when I’m in distress. But I might turn green and have stunning strength when I lose my temper.


Perhaps, this is why my son has an affinity to this character.


 I’m grateful for the summer…days filled with countless hours outside applying sunscreen while my kids play and love life. Last summer, following our normal seasonal routine, we set out for the community pool. After an outstanding day of swimming, diving and eating every food with no nutritional value, we called it a day.

If you’ve ever traveled to a pool with a seven, five and two-year old, you know my pain. In an effort to get everyone ready and off the premises before the proverbial meltdowns, I asked Liam, my oldest, to go change. I placed his shirt, shorts and underwear in his hand and sent him off to the changing room. Simple. I didn’t flinch.

In an effort to manage my time wisely I proceeded to clean up. I started to gather our snacks, sunscreen, towels, shoes, umbrella, stroller, goggles, clothes, bags, spare change, dirty diaper, wipes, sunglasses…ok, you get the point.

Thing #2, check!

Thing#3, check!

And there he was, Thing #1. Back from the changing room…already?

Liam looked at me, and proclaimed, “I’m done!”

“Back already?” I asked a little bit miffed that the process hadn’t taken longer.

“Yup,” he answered with a BIG grin on his face.

I studied him.

And then, I saw it. There. In his hands. He was shamelessly holding them for all to see. His UNDERWEAR. He still had them, but not on like he should.


What was Mr. Commando doing? Not here! Why? Shades of red started coloring my cheeks. And no, it wasn’t the glorious sun that had kissed my face that day, it was pure embarrassment.

I started breathing heavy…still turning colors.

“Liam, why aren’t you wearing underwear?” I asked, half afraid to know the answer.

“I AM  wearing underwear, Mami!” he answered cheerfully.

“Then, why are you still holding your underwear in your hand?” I said with clenched teeth.

In a cool kid-on-Christmas-morning tone he looked at me with enthusiasm and answered, “Because I found a pair of Hulk underwear that I liked better on the floor of the dressing room. So I wore them!”

WHAT? WHAT! Gulp. Breathe. Cue BreakDOWN!


No, really, it was a massive meltdown for all our friends and Moms to see.

Initial shock, disgust, confusion and disappointment turned into well, it turned into laughter…


I couldn’t resist the chuckle. I gave in as he giggled still excited at his changing room “steal”. No supernatural powers required, just plain youthful enjoyment.

Yes. The Incredible Hulk had come unmasked and now lived on my kid’s underpants.

What can I say?

Lesson learned.

A mother who loves superheroes and supernatural powers can’t blame her kid for doing the same. I wanted to be a superhero when I grew up; I guess my kid found a way to achieve it, keeping it very well tucked inside his pants, sometimes on his head…


but mostly inside his heart.

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5 replies

  1. One of those if I don’t laugh I’m going to cry moments 😉
    I can understand why he did it though I mean Hulk pants?! Awesome 😉 Hope this summer is just as eventful! x

  2. Thank you, Carla! There is never a dull moment…specially when it comes down to Hulk underpants! : )

  3. Wow- did not see that coming. Who needs Salvation Army when you’ve got the public pool locker room floor? 😉

  4. You do have superpowers taking three kids to a community pool! Mommy power!

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