Have You Heard of this thing called Twitter?

Written by Emily

There are times I’m quick to pass judgement. If only that were a super power. Or a weapon…if judging were my weapon, I would totally destroy you in a fight to the death. But I’m equally quick to change my mind, so I guess a fight to the death is not the best scenario here. In my head, it’s like this: “Ewww, those pants are hideous! Who would wear those?” After trying them on: “These are the greatest things ever!” See how that works? I should mention that when I pass judgment, it’s rarely about anything important (see example). Despite being a mother of three who talks more to children 6 years old and under than anyone else, I do still have a few brain cells left to rub together to form a rational thought about important stuff…kind of.

When my former students and my current husband were talking about this Twitter sensation, I grumbled and groused under my breath like an old person sitting on a bench in the mall, muttering at the youngsters passing by. In my head it sounded like this: 140 characters? Seriously? What is the use of that? I can’t even clear my throat in fewer than 140 characters (see this introduction).

And then I tried it.

And I kind of like it. People are funny. And insightful. And kind. And sympathetic. And profane. And dramatic. And it’s all there in one place to laugh at, gawk at or cry at. It’s like being a fly on the wall at a stranger’s therapy session. At the very least you’ll feel better about yourself.

Fourtuitous is trying this new-fangled Twitter thing (Oh, it’s been around for 7 years? Bahhh.)  Here are just a few of things you might see Emily share @fourtuitousblog if you care to join the conversation.

I talk about the weather. Who doesn’t want to engage in small talk about the weather with complete strangers from around the world?

I retweeted this helpful link that terrified me and has me reconsidering all the vegetables I buy. What’s more fun than that? You. do. not. want. to. miss. this.

I’m kind of a sports expert. I lost a follower or two after this:

I share a little magic:

and a little more magic:

I reflect on marital missteps like this one:

I share friendly hygiene reminders,

Sad truths,

Answers to seemingly unanswerable questions like: What is business casual?

Are you desperate to get in on the Twitter action with us? Great! We can be in the club together and call ourselves tweeple and… well, that’s the only Twitter slang I know. #comebemyfriendincyberspacebecausewhynot

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7 replies

  1. Enjoyed the read and find twitter to be also a great tool in finding anything I need in the world of writing see you in there just re-tweeted this post on twitter.

  2. One of your favorite childhood books was The Twits. Any connection?

  3. I could totally relate to this post. My world is so similar 🙂 Although, I felt like I was 90 years old when I first jumped into Twitter! I just didn’t get it at first. Dare I admit that it’s grown on me?

    • I agree! I didn’t get it at all! And I still don’t understand some of the abbreviations and acronyms people use. Sometimes it really looks like a foreign language to me. But, like you, it’s growing on me 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Newbie to Twitter here as well; I’ll find you! (That sounded creepy.) Anyway…I definitely have not figured out the Twitter culture yet. Working on it.

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