Ever Had a “Liam”?

Written by Michelle

There’s something mystifying about seeing your children grow old. Especially your first born. On the eve of my son’s 8th birthday I sit here and wonder if most people have had “a Liam?”

You don’t need to be a mother to have one. Or even a parent at all. At some point I believe “Liams” are strategically or magically placed into our lives. Other times, they might casually pass us by. But most of the time, I think you know if you’ve had “a Liam”.


My son is not the the original creator of the Harlem shake, but this little man was the BEST thing to shake my world. He is MY Liam.

You see, within minutes of knowing him, he changed my outlook on being a person, woman and friend. At a point in my life when I thought I knew everything (ummm…I think it’s called MY 20’s) I discovered I knew little to NOTHING, and my viewpoint on life shifted (shocker one). I was NOT the center of the world (shocker two). Simply because I fell in love with a little man who made me realize how important it is to prioritize those we love, care for and live around us.


We all need “a Liam.” They come in different shapes, sizes and colors. They come in the form of different people, places, and life-altering moments. And when they touch our lives, we can’t forget them. They change the way we think, adjust the way we live and make us want to be better. Just when we think we have it “all figured out,” they break us, and remind us that we have so much more to give and so much more to learn.

I’m blessed to have a daily “Liam” who looks at me with a face full of freckles, a nose you can squeeze and eyes that shine with excitement. I want to grow with him just so I can spend more time around him. I’m blessed by his quirks, his tendencies and laughter.

As I wish him a Happy Birthday and many years to come, eight years later I’m blessed and grateful for what he has taught me and the person who I am because of him. If you haven’t experienced one, I wish for you “a Liam”. May it come to you, rock your world, stir your being and change your every moment one shake, blink and freckle at a time.


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4 replies

  1. Watching your kids grow up is the most amazing/terrifying feeling ever. I agree…I think we are blessed with “Liams” (or “Spencers”!) to remind us to SLOW down and to appreciate what and who is really important. As those “little kid” moments become fewer and further between, I find myself clutching onto each one for dear life and realizing that there will always be laundry to fold or a lawn to now, but that you do not have unlimited time with the people you love. Thanks for the reminder and morning sniffle, my friend!

  2. This was a nice tribute to your son. One he can look at years from now and think, “I hope everyone had a Mom in their life.”

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