Advanced Piano and Marriage

Written by Rose

My husband was playing our baby grand piano the other night as I was reading in our living room. It was perfect. Our daughters were in bed, so it was just the two of us with this beautiful music (maybe the occasional wrong note here or there but who’s counting?!).


And it got me thinking…

Black and white. It’s so simple.

Sit down. Play. Beautiful music comes out each and every time.

Wait, wait, wait a minute…if it were that easy, every one of us would be virtuosos!

The truth is it takes dedication to bring beautiful music out of this beautiful instrument.

It takes persistence, patience, just the right amount of pressure and volume: loud for attention, soft for gentleness, and a lot of “medium” tones in between to bring it all together.  The two little “Chopsticks” you create one day can, over time and with the right amount of attention, grow to be  beautiful  Debussies, Bachs, James Taylors, Tori Amoses or The National masterpieces.

Then there are the foot pedals; what to do with those?  A “damper” to quiet something that shouldn’t continue too long, a “blender” to merge tones played separately and another one that no one really understands but seems to belong there just the same.

When one key suddenly produces a “clunker” or when unexpected repairs cause you to peer “under the hood,”  you see strings and hammers, the tension and the padding and all of the inner workings. What you see is DEFINITELY NOT what you get. Seeing with your eyes will never provide a complete understanding of the beautiful music.

And so it is with a marriage.

Tim Lehrer once said,

“Life is like a piano. What you get out of it depends on how you play it.”

I dedicate this thought, on this my parents’ 48th wedding anniversary, to the music of their beautifully-played life together.

Happy Anniversary,  Mom and Dad.

And to my husband, who literally and figuratively continues to make beautiful music for me and with me every day.





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3 replies

  1. Beautifully said, as always! Congrats to your folks, Nancy!
    P.S. so wonderful to see those piano lessons did not go to waste, and that Mike “enjoys” playing – blessing to my heart!!

  2. So beautifully said.

  3. I am echoing what has been already said: very beautiful and poetic.

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