Let it land. Let it sink. Let it stick.

Written by Michelle

Cue the Oscar music. Red carpet. Paparazzi. Flashes here, flashes there. Blinding lights! Big “Colgate” smile (*teeth bling-blinging*). I make my way to the stage.

“I would like to thank the Academy (all the sweaty people who support me),


my family (VERY patient husband and three crazy EXTRAordinary kids),


my team (6 amazing human beings with magical super powers),


and my ROCKING COACH (no, really, he was a ROCK-hard Bad A** coach). Yup, he’s really THAT guy from the posters.


Without them, I never could have earned a PASS on my initial GRIT training weekend module.”

Cue WILD roaring and screaming from the crowd!

Too much?

Okay, there’s NOT a Fitness Oscar (GASP!), but in my mind I earned at least the walk up on stage. Even if it looked like this:

As some of you may know from last week’s post I had a BIG weekend event. Fueled by desire and the good kind of FEAR I jumped into very emotional, very physical training. I won’t give you all the nitty GRITy (jee-jee) details, but it was FANTASTIC to say the least, wrapped-up in not one, not two, not three…well, there were A LOT of workouts. I trained alongside amazing human beings who taught me pretty cool life lessons. You know…the good stuff I just smile about now that the weekend is over.

In a nutshell, these amazing ladies and gentlemen made me a better person. After a weekend of running with athletes, training like Olympians and working like mad women and men, I’ve learned and am committed to this mantra:

Let it land: let others hear what I say and listen, really listen to others before I launch into drive-by “hellos” and “How are yous?”

Let it sink: help others understand my words, let them sink in, so that they hold meaning. Did they hear me? Did I hear them?

Let it stick: purposefully use words to ignite positive emotions. Stop, look, listen.


Oscar music resumes, teeth bling-blinging, paparazzi flashing.

“Last, but not least- I would like to thank the cute little puke bag that came along for training with us. Thank you for letting your presence be known. I’m glad to know I had you, even prouder to say I didn’t need you. Then again, who’s to say I won’t want to patent you in the near future!”


We all have successes, right? As big or as little as they are- we SHOULD celebrate them in our own way. Take the time and do your own personal “happy dance”. I’m giving myself permission…

I’m actually performing it now.

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4 replies

  1. So proud of you! You TOTALLY deserve a “fitness Oscar!”

    • Love it! You are such an inspiration not only to me but I’m sure to alot of other ladies and gens. I can’t wait to try the GRIT with you. If anyone can push me to do it it would be you. 🙂

  2. U were already an awarding winning person in my book! U helped me get to where I am today and help to continue to push me! I love seeing ur smiling face! Keep it up and go get the award again – u deserve it and more!

  3. Congratulations, Michelle! You keep setting new goals and attaining them with beauty and grace. What a wonderful role model!

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