Everyday Valentine

Written by Rose

When our daughters were babies and I sat rocking them to sleep,  I made up a lullaby about so many things I love and want them to know implicitly;  my love is deeper, higher and always there. Wherever they go.  No matter what they do. As enduring as the ocean and the mountains.


Today, our daughters are 9 and 11 and still ask me to sing them to sleep with our song or sometimes, when one of them is sick, the other will sing it while fluffing pillows or applying a cool washcloth on her sister’s forehead.

When I sing it to them, it’s my everyday Valentine that I hope their hearts hear: “I love you just how you are.”  When I hear them sing it, I know they’ve heard and, better still, they’re “paying it forward.”

Today, may you be loved deeper, higher, just how you are and may you be inspired to pay that love forward.


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2 replies

  1. This is so wonderful. You gave your daughters a soundtrack for life! Such a beautiful and loving idea!

  2. You express love so freely and eloquently! Your daughters are two lucky ladies. Just think what they’re learning from your modeling. Love, love, love!

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