Testing One, Two, Three…

Written by Cathy

Emily was mourning some signs of her babes’ growing up. I’ve been thinking about my own aging for the past few days. I’ve started seeing those rolling eyes and barely hidden grins from younger family members when I’m guilty of a “senior moment.” But something I just remembered made me smile, too. To prove to us kids that he was not old, my usually dignified father would stand on his head. He did this each year on his birthday well into his 70s. My dear daughter just informed me that I, too, should have a test to prove that I am not a member of the “over-the-hill” gang. I’ve had my share of experiences with that “gang”:

  • Travel Etiquette: When Emily accompanied a maiden aunt to NYC, she was required to remove her elder’s shoes and massage her corny feet–on public transportation!
  • Tourism: On this same trip, this elder expected, because of age or privilege, to go to the head of every line–in Central Park, at the deli, on Ellis Island, etc.
  • Eating Out: Being seated at a restaurant by a lovely hostess, an elder remarked in a dramatic stage whisper, “She has such a beautiful face. Isn’t it too bad she’s so fat?”
  • Lifestyle: One senior believed there were appropriate places for everything, and the appropriate place to have her toenails clipped was in my kitchen! Children belonged in the basement or backyard, and the right place to fry bacon was the garage.
  • Agility: After a busy day in the city, a favorite aunt was able to wiggle out of her girdle and roll her nylons to her ankles while maneuvering her Cadillac into her narrow garage. She would be in her pjs in 30 seconds flat.

As far as I know, I have not been guilty of any of these…yet. Now where are my glasses?

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  1. Love it! What memories…some I’m sure you wish you could forget…just give it time. Ha!

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