Texting Remix: Mom Style

Written by Emily


Moms are notorious for confusing the meaning of text language. So what? The traditional lmao and ttyl and ctfu are lame anyway. Instead of trying to measure up to teenagers’ standards, it’s time for a texting remix: mom style.

I grouped the lingo for ease of use, but feel free to use these however they work best for you. You’ll see they’re pretty universal.

For the parents waiting for you at school in the morning:

cfs–can’t find shoes
sdm–socks don’t match
ygtbkihtclootb–you’ve got to be kidding I had the clothes laid out on the bed
cpktu–car pool kid throwing up
lts–late to school

or maybe this:

cb–coffee break
ns–no sleep
css–can’t see straight
wd–walking dead
soso–same old same old

For the mid-morning park date:

apd–abort play date
cm–crazy mom
sk–scary kids
pofc–pack of feral children

For picking up the kids at school:

ipunt–is pick-up nazi there?
cd–create diversion
ubl–using bus lane


dysda–did you see Downton Abbey
sc–still crying
wpj–wearing pjs
lfpu–late for pick up

For the strange witching hour before help arrives:

kth–kids throwing haymakers
tfw–time for wine
gmooh–get me out of here
pds–play date stat!

For any time: 

tfit–toothbrush fell in toilet
notm–no one told me
ui–used it


srt?–stain remover tricks?
cow–crayon on wall
ipmp–is permanent marker permanent?
waof–what about on face?


kha–kids hungry again
nse–never stop eating
fwl–finished what’s left
swl–screw weight loss


ttdc–trying to declutter
but–buried under toys
cfh–call for help
ntj–no! they’ll judge
lm–leave me


kleis–kids licking everything in sight
wdhfamll–what does hand foot and mouth look like?
iic–is it contagious?
cigt–can I get it?


pe–poop explosion
nmd–no more diapers


maz–meet at zumba
sntm–stand next to me
dl–don’t laugh

For bedtime:

kws–kids won’t sleep
ot–overly tired
ib2h–it’s been 2 hours
ntm–need their mom
cu–cuddling up


wi–worth it


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3 replies

  1. “dysda–did you see Downton Abbey”

    I laughed.

  2. Haha – love this! Based on my day so far today, I would like to add:

    ootm- one of those mornings
    mnant- mommy needs a nap too
    ngth- not going to happen
    ptie- potty training is evil

    By tonight it will definitely be tfw! 🙂

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