Written by Rose

Once upon a time, you meet your man.  Butterflies abound, angels are singing and your cheeks hurt from smiling- those early dates, when you’re engaged, on your wedding day and on so many occasions in between and thereafter that it’s hard to keep track, those sweet moments of the heart.

My favorite of these are the stolen moments when my husband, whose handsomeness has still been known to give me butterflies even after 14 years of marriage,  is even more handsome in my eyes.  No, I’m not talking about when his hair is just the right amount of purposefully-styled-to-look-just-out-of-bed.  I’m not talking about the way he looks in a suit and tie.

I’m talking about those candid moments I’m sometimes lucky enough to catch on film without being seen; those fly-on-the-wall moments when the spell isn’t broken by posing for the camera and when he’s secretly “caught in the act” while being The Best Dad In The World to one or both of our daughters.

Like during this elementary school Father-Daughter Sweetheart Dance when our youngest daughter had my husband all to herself now that her older sister is in middle school!

In this brief moment (caught on film by an amazing friend), I love being a voyeur to the mini-screenplay unfolding within this frame.  Those few seconds seem to slow down and I breath it all in: the way my husband gently clasps our daughter’s hand and leads her like Prince Charming, the way our daughter coyly smiles, chin held high, revealing how proud she is (even if the room is completely dark!), the way she won’t remember what song was playing but later that night she’ll tell me she remembers the feel of my husband’s suit jacket as she leaned into him, I love seeing our daughter(s) completely swept away in the intoxicating glow of my husband’s full attention.

Kate Mike 2013 LCS Sweetheart Dance

And, just like that I know and she knows, in the words of The Lumineers,

I belong with you,

you belong with me

You’re my Sweetheart.


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3 replies

  1. What a precious picture!! I’m sure she will treasure her dance with her Daddy forever! Wonderful writing too!!!

  2. Lucky girls, lucky daddy.

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