V-Day DI(Why): Save $200 and Be a Good Parent

Written by Emily

I still believe I deserve a standing ovation if I get the basics covered on a daily basis with an added bonus if my son is dressed as a pirate on the Pirate Day, and I don’t confuse Ice Cream Social Day with Pajama Day (oops). In an effort to do this staying-at-home thing right, though, I try my hand at crafting with the kids. After all, scissoring and gluing and coloring and not tearing your friend’s hair out are essential for kindergarten readiness and overall success as a human being.

Although I didn’t find this crafty number on Pinterest, it seems the Pinterest consensus is that every “good” parent is having her children make Valentine’s Day cards, so on the bandwagon I jumped. If for no other reason than to keep up appearances.

When I observed Chlo’s pre-K class, I heard the following in a tattletaily voice: “Mrs. Soandso, Someone and The Other One just kissed on the lips!” I’m not okay with that and definitely not during cold and flu season, so our Valentine’s Day card encourages nothing more than hugging. (I may or may not include a wet wipe packet.)

Here it is:


Not bad, right? And we had all of the supplies in the house:

  • Charged camera? Check.
  • Ink in the printer? Check.
  • Free Picmonkey.com account? Check.
  • Cardstock? Check.
  • Glue? Check.
  • Scissors? Check.
  • Hot Cocoa packets? Check.
  • Ribbon, stickers, odds and ends from the bottom of the craft basket? Check.

The first and most difficult part of this craft was getting a decent picture:


Sylvie, get your head in the game!

The rest is simple and Chloe enjoyed the process…especially putting stickers all over the place.


The truth is, I could buy the cards at Target–I know. But I never get out of there for under $200 and a cart full of irritated children.

Handmade Valentine’s Day cards it is!

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5 replies

  1. Hahaha- I laughed extra hard at this because I was observing class the day of the ice cream party and I noticed that Chloe had her bathrobe on. I just assumed it was one of those mornings where a 4-year-old was being a 4-year-old and she wouldn’t leave the house unless you let her wear her robe. Don’t worry – I wasn’t judging…I’ve been there before! 🙂 I also now have this horrible feeling that Alec somehow managed to kiss someone on the lips, though I hope I’m wrong! I love the valentine craft. Such a neat idea! Sadly I will be doing the store-bought thing this year and surely leaving the store with $200 valentines and fighting kids. 😉

    • Oh, Kim! Sometimes I cringe in the pick-up line. Thankfully, Chloe was okay being in her pjs all day long! And don’t worry–Alec was not in kissing-mode. He did, however, spontaneously put his head on my shoulder, which was ADORABLE! You’ll have to show me all of the fun things you find at Target 😉 No doubt I’ll be jealous and make a trip anyway!

  2. This is super cute Emily!

  3. Like this idea! You’re ahead of the game! A successful DIY I’d say.

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