Strong, Silent Types

Written by Rose

These are the kinds of things I love to see in nature:

Green ice

A little leaf, cheerfully green. Not considered particularly strong.  Not particularly noticeable among so many other similar leaves.

“Weak little leaf” perfectly happy at the topmost part of its bush.

It successfully outlasted the endless onslaught of hungry deer who regularly mow down anything in our landscaping faster than a plague of locusts.

It held on through 70-mile-an-hour winds of Hurricane Sandy while the bigger, showier ones literally keeled over.

“Weak little leaf” sunning itself in near-60-degree weather just days ago, now suddenly encased in a deep-freeze with icicles dripping from its spring-green tips.

Killer Deer, Hurricane-force-winds, Ice-blankets…seriously? Who you callin’ “weak”?!

Those quiet “weak ones”–they’ll sometimes surprise you!

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  1. Lovely! It reminds me of a view I used to enjoy while driving to work. The trees lined the road and when they were covered with ice I felt like the snow queen enjoying those dazzling gems overhead.
    I love the photos that you share with your posts!

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