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Written by Amelia

Audrey and I photographed a bunch of new items for the shop over the weekend. I’m really happy with how the photos turned out. It doesn’t hurt that I genuinely love and would wear all of the items. Between moving and the holidays, I feel like I’ve neglected my shop a bit, so it feels good to be back at it full swing

When I’m not writing up listings, I’ve been making collages of items using Picmonkey. Unlike a lot of Etsians, I don’t use Photoshop, so quick online freebies like picmonkey are great for me.

I call this first one “It Ain’t Spring Yet!” We went to Target after photographing, and there were bathing suits out! I’m all about summer, but come on, people. It’s 17 degrees out there!


Bows and tassels from a 40 year span

bows and tassels

Vintage ROYGBIV! A rainbow of vintage love!


Vintage Aigner leather deliciousness


The more I handle vintage leather, the more I love it. I love leather in general, but there’s something about leather that you know has been around for 40 years and still looks amazing. This coat and this belt really did it for me. And then when the hardware is solid brass… good God I’m in heaven.



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  1. I was in target too and saw the bathing suits! So ridiculous! And, I love your ROYGBIV collage! Very creative! 🙂

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