Living on the Edge–Part 2

Written by Rose
And to continue on Emily’s Living On The Edge post, here’s a whole new twist on “Living On The Edge”.

We don’t watch the news in our house.
Very occasionally,  I myself watch or listen to the news and each time, I’m reminded of why I don’t like to.
Number one: we have young children and prefer they direct their thoughts to homework, reading and other pursuits without the sensationalism that has become the evening news.
Number two:  It irks me and it makes me focus on certain aspects of humanity upon which I prefer not to focus my thoughts.

Here’re a few living-on-the-edge-moments brought to you by this week’s headlines.  Can we learn lessons from these sensational shock-and-awe representations of the few watched by the many? Let’s examine them together, shall we?

1) Living On The Edge- literally.  This 38-year-old Oregon man was literally living on the edge. Of a bridge. In a dangling pick up truck.  For almost an hour.  After he celebrated his holiday weekend with a bit too much brewsky, lost his mind and got behind the wheel of his truck and then came incredibly close to losing his life.  Really?  I understand that some have an inability to control their desire for/addiction to alcohol  What makes me insanely mad about this story is how lucky he was, not with his own life, but with the lives of other drivers on the road that day and also the dozens of rescue workers who had to put their safety on the line to rescue him.  I’m not sure what the punishment should be but I really like the type shown in the next story…

2) Living on the Edge- of insanity!  This woman was caught after REPEATEDLY driving on the sidewalk, past a stopped school bus, in order to make it to work on time.  Complete insanity.  All I can say is I’m thankful I’m not a police officer or judge; no punishment could be adequate for someone who endangers children but this is a pretty good start (and a good start at also, very publicly, teaching others as well).

3) Living on the Edge- of complete and utter embarrassing behavior.   This is one example of many Black Friday crowds at American stores across our great country. I wish crowds were half as large for Red Cross donation centers, blood banks and volunteer organizations instead of for this year’s must-have electronics and toys. Can you imagine what incredible good could be accomplished if half as much passion and energy were exerted toward doing good as was exerted toward these WalMart aisles?!

4) Living on the Edge – of moral dilemmas.  I love John Quinones’ series on ABC called What Would You Do?  If you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend it. If you’re an early bird like me,  it’s also aired on XM Radio on channel 116 (Headline news station) before 6am.   Hidden cameras.  Actors in typical situations.  Moral split-second decisions to be made.  Very eye-opening.  Here’s a recent example:

It’s rough out there, people.
Find the good.
Be a force of goodness to those you touch.

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