30 Day Challenge- Weeks 3 and 4

Written by Amelia

These two weeks of the 30 Day Gratitude Challenge were particularly hard for me because we were moving. I missed a few days and had to make them up later, and I didn’t even write a blog post last week. I’m happy to say, though, that I’m writing from the new house where we are slowly but surely unpacking. Things are all over the place, we’re living in a construction zone, but it’s a lesson in finding gratitude in life’s messiness.

Day 14- Movement: Here’s the old apartment living room with our books in boxes. I’m so grateful for the new house, and I know it will be beautiful. However, looking at this photo is weird because the apartment honestly still feels like home, and this new house where we don’t have a bedroom yet and where our furniture looks strange, doesn’t. Not yet, anyway.

Day 15- Technology: A completely typical view of our coffee table. Between the mister’s work and mine, we have to stay constantly connected. Not easy right now considering we still haven’t found my laptop charger.



Day 16- Animals: My in-laws’ dogs, Bea Arthur and Cole Thornton. These pups require so little to be happy and grateful. I just love them. I have to say, though, I love their owners even more. My in-laws have been so incredibly helpful throughout this process. As in, pulling-12-hour-days helpful and being-so-exhausted-you-can’t-talk helpful. That kind of incredibly helpful.



Day 17- Memories: This photo of my sister and me cracks me up. I think I look like I’m just pretending to be a nice sister while I actual have something sneaky up my sleeve. Even though this one was taken pre- Audrey and Addie, some of my happiest memories are with my three sisters.



Day 18- Something New: This is my new toy. She and her friend, Dryer, will be living IN our new closet. See day 23.



Day 19- Best Friend: My man. I can’t even express how grateful I am for him.



Day 20- Seasonal: My brother-in-law bought this organic, free-range, grass-fed, yada, yada, yada turkey from the local farmers market. When he bought it, he said it looked weird. When my mother-in-law put it in the roaster, she said it looked weird. When my father-in-law carved it, he said it looked really weird. Turns out it was just upside down. Bwahahahaha! When we realized that, we laughed and laughed and stuffed our faces with delicious upside down turkey.



Day 21- Where You Sleep: This photo is from the apartment right before we packed up the bedroom. I’m definitely excited about the projects in our new bedroom and closet. Don’t worry, I’ll post before and after photos.



Day 22- Clothing: Speaking of the new bedroom and closet, because they’re not ready yet, all of our clothing is in bags on our second floor enclosed porch. I couldn’t stand looking at bags anymore, so I threw them out the bedroom window and onto the attached porch. Done and done.



Day 23- In your Closet: Here it is during the project. The plumbing is almost done, and my brother-in-law is running the electric today. Like I said, I’ll post a before and after, but for now, here’s the during.



Day 24- Gratitude: This is the house where I grew up, and I’ve never been so appreciative of all the hard work my parents put into it.



Day 25- Artwork: All of our books, artwork, and decor have been shoved into a pile in the basement until each room gets the spackle, caulk, primer and paint it needs. We have three rooms done with six more and two hallways to go.



Day 26- Transportation: You may remember this photo. The apartment is an easy bike ride from the new house, and my bike is still in the basement of the apartment. I’ll have to ride it over to the house one day this week.



Day 27- Daily Routine: Nothing can happen before this does. Nothing.


There you have it, one monster recap for the 30 Day Gratitude Challenge. Only three days left! Where did November go?

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