Fall Found Us …

We love fall, and we anticipate its radiance and the crisp bite in the air that makes us reach for our favorite sweaters. We decided to capture how autumn has descended on our lives and begun to settle in. And although we welcome it, we find ourselves wondering as Dr. Seuss wrote, “How did it get so late so soon?”


By the time autumn arrives, I’m eager to abandon summer brights and fully embrace  a new palate. Deeper colors like the mustard yellow of the dried corn in the stalks by my front door or the rosy swash that adds beautiful dimension to my favorite Honey Crisps make me pause and inhale. And when I exhale, it’s a contented sigh. Ahhhh, fall.

My children have a different idea. Fall (like the other seasons) makes them roar or growl or…


1. A pear tree with crates of pumpkins and apples below its boughs. I love that one of the crates says “MOTTS.”

2. Tons of little gourds, only a dollar each.

3. My parents’ wraparound porch is always decorated beautifully for each season.

4. Audrey with armloads of fall goodies. After spotting that oddly shaped pumpkin, she declared, “Every pumpkin deserves a home!” and took it home with her.

5. Apples, every kind you can imagine, fresh from the orchard.


“Gather Together.” It’s the essence of fall comfort, that and a smattering of Halloween whimsy. Flour and brown sugar mark the beginning of something wonderful made for sharing.


Goodbye sandy mountain of flip flops and Keenes! Hello, muddy mountain of Converse, Toms, Uggs and cleats!

Happy fall, everyone!

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6 replies

  1. I wanna go check out wherever Amelia took her Fall pix!…where is it?

  2. You have all conjured up such wonderful feelings and visions (even the mound of shoes…so funny!).

  3. Rose, it’s in southern Schuylkill County out route 443. Hardings and Steins are both awesome. Most of these photos are from Steins. Emily, your mantle looks amazing!

  4. I want a picture of that tree with the crates. It is so beautifully fall. And the girl standing on the soccer ball reminds me of playing soccer on my U13 team…such good memories and a lot of heartbreak. And mom your house is the coziest place to curl up in the fall. I want a cup of tea! These pics are such great windows into your lives!

  5. My favorite season! The crisp morning air is invigorating. PA is beautiful in autumn, and think of all the fairs! So many recipes to try…It is all good!

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