Have It!

Written by Rose

As many of you know,  my husband and I are big soccer fans. UEFA, MLS…and U10 and U12 year old girls’ traveling teams!

In particular,  I’m a big fan of the idioms used by the British, Scottish and Irish commentators, coaches and trainers with which we come into contact through the television or through the U.K.-based training organization we use for our daughters’ travel soccer league.

A bit of British cockney, Scottish or Gaelic brogue will change your life! Here are a few of my favorites (fit for print!):

“Unlucky!…” = as in when a goal shot sails just wide of the net (or, sarcastically, when a foot misses contact with the ball!)

“Everyone’s  a  chancer,  girls!” = <loosely translated> take the opportunities when you see them (as in “C’mon, put a shot on goal…any shot!”)

“Ok now, shut it you cheeky monkies!” = Stop goofing and start paying attention! (Hmmm….they are 9/10 and 11/12 year old girls after all)

“Don’t be daft, this here’s a doddle!” = don’t be crazy, this is easy/obvious (a phrase often heard being yelled to/at refs)

“Off ya get” = go on

“Use your nob!”= use your head (as in, “what were you thinking, use your head”)

“Oi, ya nutter!”=  oh, you silly girl/boy

“Positions!  You’re all sixes and sevens…!” =  get in your positions! You’re all mixed up out there!”

 “Have it!”= Take the shot!/Go for it!

Tonight, as I’m up late preparing for a day of interviews tomorrow,  I’m  chuckling as I hear the cockneyed accent of our daughter’s travel soccer trainer in my ear; this past Sunday afternoon, he yelled “Natalee, go in for the chancer!  Have it! Have it!” and she did!  And she scored her first goal of the season. Pure triumph!

So, it’s my turn tomorrow.  “Go in for the chancer!  Have it!  Have it!”  Indeed.

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