School Germs and the Continuum of Normalcy

Written by Cathy

Oh, moms! You’ve lost the jeans. You’ve lost the Keds. And now, prepare to lose your minds. Here is something else to worry about. I was watching the Today show just last week. And an author/doctor was featured who described all of the yucky things your children might fall victim to if you fail in your vigilance. The doctor cautioned all of us moms not to let our precious children drink from the school water fountains. They should all carry their own water bottles. If their food should touch the cafeteria tray, for goodness sakes warn them to discard it immediately. No five second rule. As for shared school supplies–no way! Your child should have his own personal art materials.

Not enough for you? Check it out for yourself.

I’m imagining all of the time lost on this paranoia, are you? I’m sure there is a continuum of normalcy here. Good parenting doesn’t have to demand that we are over the edge, does it? Emily shared with me that a pediatrician once confided in her that he saw his youngest child lick the handrail at Hershey Park. Now there is something to worry about!

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2 replies

  1. I am a germiphobe. I own that. This even seems extreme to me…personal supplies? Seriously?

  2. I agree! Every day it is something else to be “afraid of” – our Dr. Greg says kids NEED to be exposed to germs so they build up a resistance to them. I wonder how we all have survived and horrors! what we allowed our kids to do – It’s all over the top!!

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