It’s Not What You Think

Written by Rose

Paul Cezanne once said, ‘life is a rainbow of chaos.”  He painted it, changing the art world of his day not with his study of light but of form, seeing things from all sides. He said that he could spend eternity at the same bend in the river, painting every day, and create an infinite variety of paintings simply by tilting his head.

Life’s like that; it’s not ever what you think. It’s not ever just one thing.  Just when you think you’re seeing it all clearly, when you’ve made up your mind that “that’s just the way it’s going to be,” the axis shifts the tiniest bit and you’ve got a new view of the world.

  • (sigh)The wrong girl gets Mr. Right. But wait! Is that “Mr. Right-er” around the corner?
  • Interview  #117.  Oh well.  <ring, ring> Yes?…What? You want to offer ME the job?!
  • (self talk) The cover model looked a LOT sexier in this!   (unsolicited) You’re beautifuleristic, Mommy!
  • I’ve got a headache.  <Two people, love and rumpled sheets is a great home remedy.>
  • Rejection letter #9.  I told you no one would publish my book.  What’s this?  A movie deal…?
  • I  can’t run anymore, the doctor said so.  <becomes Northeast road biking champion for Men over-50>
  • I’m too embarrassed to sing on stage!  <then performs a solo a capella and loves it!>
  • But I can’t be pregnant now!  <That little life will grow to be one you can’t live without- now or ever.>
  • The other team is schmearing us- 5 to 0!  <but the second half is another story- what a come back!>
  • Running your own business is fun & freedom & overwhelming.   But it’s… your own!
  • The raccoons obliterated my tomato plants!   BUT…one plant held on & we’ve got a bumper crop!
  • Dinner is burned!  UGH!   But a picnic with PB&J & a summer sunset isn’t so bad!
  • My dream man is gone forever & I’m alone.   But my best friend got me to laugh in the face of it all.

As Rupert Everett said in one of my all-time-favorite movie lines, “There may not be marriage, there may not be…sex <pause for cinematic effect>  but , by God,  there’ll be dancing!”

All is not lost.  Tilt your head, Cezanne.  See life from a slightly different angle.  It’s not what you think.


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3 replies

  1. Dear Rose, you have no idea how much this meant to me right now, this morning! Funny how things speak to you at just the right time. Thank you so much! I had tears in my eyes as I watched the clip.

  2. Let’s watch this entire movie again! I love it, too!

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