Free and Easy

Written by Amelia

When I was a teacher, I took getting dressed pretty seriously. I could not sleep if I hadn’t tried on and laid out the next day’s outfit (including accessories). Yes, I know this is abnormal and slightly crazy, but if you are a young teacher and want to look unique, fun and, above all, professional, it takes a little bit of work!

Nowadays, I find myself wearing outfits that are much more free and easy. Literally, pretty much free. Today’s outfit consists of almost entirely thrift store and flea market pieces:

t-shirt: flea market, similar ones at gap

skirt: vintage, thrifted

bracelets and earrings: accumulated over years of flea market trips

shoes: target, on sale last year

The whole thing couldn’t have cost more than $34.

And the bag, THE BAG! It’s the first piece I made as part of a new project in collaboration with my dad, who makes children’s shoes. I’m hoping to launch a new etsy shop this fall, and the idea of having both a vintage shop  and a handmade one is definitely exciting.

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8 replies

  1. Love that your dad is getting into this new area. Very inspiring! Good luck on the new shop!

  2. It’s SO funny that you posted this. Just the other day…perhaps yesterday??…I decided to throw on some jewelry and do my hair to feel a bit human. It occurred to me that I have a pathetic collection of jewelry and scarves. I was going to pos a status about it and tag you, Gina, and Annie-Claire because you ladies always have the best accessories! 🙂

  3. Thanks, lady! I’ve realized I need to have my accessories out and displayed nicely in order to really use them. I’ll have to post photos sometime of my accessory wall. 🙂

  4. From one bargain shopper to another….LOVE IT!! Looking forward to seeing more of your bag creations.

  5. That’s an awesome bag, Amelia! I want an “N” one!

  6. Thanks, Natt! “N” is such a beautiful letter! 🙂

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