Freedom, Change and Everything

Written by Rose

I was listening to an interview of Alanis Morissette the other night. Nic Harcourt, formerly of LA’s KROQ, asked Alanis what freedom meant to her and what one song best sums up her being “free”. One might think, after the ear-scorching, mega-platinum album Jagged Little Pill (the colorfully-sung, raw emotion following her break ups and tales of things in life that are unfair) that both her answer and her song selection would be found among the hottest on that album. Think again.


It was her definition of freedom; to move through mistakes and learn to be unrestricted in who you are, being the better you that is meant to be in spite of so many things that restrict us throughout life. Everything you were meant to be. No compromises.

It was her song selection whose lyrics represent moments when she has tasted freedom; experiencing and learning from the duality of life, the emotion, the changes that are often equal parts bitter and sweet.

Being in the midst of my own, longer-than-I-ever-thought job search, some days in particular seem a bit too much of “everything.” Some days I know I’d like a little bit less, thank you! Sometimes we feel we’ve taken one step too far off the ledge; in the discomfort, we question who we should be, how we should handle certain situations, “why can’t I be more like ” when the fact is, being who we are, lifting up our chin, brushing the hair out of our eyes, looking around and learning a lesson or two about exactly where we are is one step closer to the solution, the fourtuitous transition, we’re yearning for. Some moments of discomfort we’ve created for ourselves; everyone is a mixture of great moments and not-so-great ones, great choices and well, choices we’re sorry we ever made. But all of the moments and all of the choices, lemons or not, are what make the most quenching lemonade! But we have to look up for a moment. We have to grow through and not stay in the discomfort.

We have to take all that we’ve been given and make it better through the choices we make today and tomorrow, good and bad, stormy seas and smooth sailing. We have to embrace everything. And, if we’re truly fourtuitous, we have someone with whom we can share our everything; still with you, still here. In richer, poorer, plenty and want. In everything.

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  1. Great moments and not-so-great moments, that’s life, isn’t it? It is so comforting and freeing to have someone see all the aspects of our personality and still be here. Very thought-provoking, Rose!

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