Is There Anything Better Than . . .

Written by The Fourtuitous Ladies

In the summer months, so many of us look forward to get-aways to help us relax and recharge. Sometimes, though, the smallest things close to home bring us the most peace. In the midst of our transitions, each of us has been given so many little things that make us pause and fill us with gratitude. We asked ourselves, “is there anything better than…” and this is the list we made:

Is there anything better than . . .

  • The words: “I’ll take care of that.”
  • Being your daughter’s friend. No one knows how to share life’s experiences better.
  • The smell of your baby’s hair: no perfume can duplicate it; it’s that gossamer mixture of baby shampoo and the scent of summer fields.
  • An unexpected kindness or loving gesture just when you need it
  • The smell of onions and celery sauteing in butter, the aroma of holiday prep.
  • An acceptance letter!
  • The first peach of the season
  • Iced tea out of a mason jar
  • Waking in the morning and realizing, “Everyone slept through the night!”
  • The smell of earth after a summer storm that washed away oppressive heat
  • A homegrown tomato, ripe and bright red, sliced and sprinkled with glistening flecks of salt.
  • The little white web of skin between your fingers that shows just how tan you really are

Finish our list with one of your own. Share it with us, too! And enjoy the moment without airfare or bags to pack (and unpack) or itineraries to make.

Happy Summer!

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  1. * A day with nothing on the calendar.
    * That time in the morning when you’re the only one awake with your coffee.
    * The smell of Axe on your son after he finally showered. (-:
    * Watching your child discover tiny little insects or flowers that you would have just trampled and enjoying the beauty and intricacy of their details.
    * Opening the first page of a new book you’ve been dying to read.
    * Finally boarding a plane after spending months preparing to move yet again. Knowing the new adventure has begun and you can relax and enjoy the ride.
    * Hearing your children enjoying each other’s company. For more than 20 seconds.
    * Folding the last piece of Mt Laundry and taking a deep breath as you check it off your mental to-do list.
    * Contemplating the shapes in the clouds with your (don’t tell them I told you) teenagers.
    * That sweaty after-hike lots-of-photos euphoric feeling.
    * Reading this blog! Thanks for getting me to sit down and reflect today.

    • These are lovely and so perfect! I love the insect one because it reminds me of Noah. When we went for walks, he would stop to examine every insect and crack in the sidewalk. I used to hurry him along sometimes, and now I wish I hadn’t. The Mt. Laundry rings so true! I feel the same way about a clean kitchen…the glistening counters, the last of the ingredients tucked away. It is short-lived but so so gratifying! Thank you for spending part of your day with us. Your comments are so valuable to us. Thank you.

  2. Remember Noah would actually lie on his belly to get an ant’s eye view!
    Right now I am thinking is there anything better than finally having the car packed and ready to go on vacation? Yay!

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