Between Midnight and Dawn

Written by Rose

It’s between midnight and dawn.
Either it’s very late or it’s very early.
I’m a morning-person so this time of night for me is a strange no man’s land that, as my husband knows, I rarely visit.
But in rare moments like these, when I’m awake past a certain hour, when the house is quiet and everything on my Need To Do list has been done,  I can slip into the luxurious zone of Don’t Need To Do Anything. Sometimes I save things needing my creativity for this time of night, this transitory time between darkness and light, between “should be asleep” and “need to wake up”.  Sometimes, if I’m tired enough, my mental metronome becomes a distant murmer during these small hours. And that’s a treat I’m willing to wait up for!
Studies have shown that, at any one time, the maximum a person can reliably keep in her short term memory To Do list at one time is about 7 things.  7 things.  Some days it seems I do 7 things before my feet make it downstairs!  And that’s the interesting thing about short term memory; once something comes off the list, something else pops in to take its place. It’s a wakeful revolving door all day long as your mind works to peel off the battalion of ever-advancing tasks, one after another.  So, those first 7 things of the day blossom into the scrolling list of items crossed off by the time bedtime rolls around.  No wonder we’re tired at the end of the day!  We seldom get to consciously enjoy the silence of a resting mind.  (If you’ve ever tried to keep your mind free from thought during a yoga class, you know what I mean!)  Sure, during sleep the mind “rests” but we don’t get to enjoy the awareness of and indulgence in the peace of a brain without a task, a mind without a “what’s next?”.  Sometimes even between midnight and dawn.
Somewhere between midnight and dawn, the fog machine of weariness seeps in, thoughts become less connected, the windows are open and the curtains are gently blowing past the tired eyelids that blink and stare into nothingness.
Between midnight and dawn.
Between consciousness and sleep.
Between worry about finances and gratefulness of employment.
Between our living room and my office.
Between consulting clients and a full-time job.
Between creativity and losing my train of thought.
Between 20 and retired.
Between a relaxing vacation and “work from another location”.
Between the challenge and the solution.
Somewhere between midnight and dawn.

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  1. Between 10 pm and 2 am is my time.

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