Month: June 2012

Getting Comfortable

Written by Cathy I love pillows. Not the decorative type of pillows that home stylists carefully and deliberately place on pristine sofas. I’m talking about the bed pillows we all seem to have special feelings for–hard ones, soft, fluffy, hypoallergenic,… Read More ›

Life: Type-A Resistant

Written by Rose Riley From the time we draw our first crayon masterpiece of flowers and sunshine, our expectations of life’s seasons seem formed:  spring means melting snow revealing colorful blooms, “April’s showers bring May flowers”; gentle storms bring nourishment, renewal and warmth.  Then the warmth of the… Read More ›

A Cure for Miss Zombie

Written by Amelia Immediately after officially resigning from my job, my thought process went something like this: HowdoIfeel? HowdoIfeel? HowdoIfeel? OHMYGOD…HowdoIfeel? My internal answer was that I felt great and, against all logic, I felt safe. After teaching for seven… Read More ›


Written by Cathy I am a teacher, retired, but still a teacher. That didn’t suddenly cease with the retirement dinner, gifts and cards. So many of my memories, some of which carry special significance, are from my teaching experiences. Here’s… Read More ›