Month: June 2012

Life: Type-A Resistant

Written by Rose Riley From the time we draw our first crayon masterpiece of flowers and sunshine, our expectations of life’s seasons seem formed:  spring means melting snow revealing colorful blooms, “April’s showers bring May flowers”; gentle storms bring nourishment, renewal and warmth.  Then the warmth of the… Read More ›

A Cure for Miss Zombie

Written by Amelia Immediately after officially resigning from my job, my thought process went something like this: HowdoIfeel? HowdoIfeel? HowdoIfeel? OHMYGOD…HowdoIfeel? My internal answer was that I felt great and, against all logic, I felt safe. After teaching for seven… Read More ›


Written by Cathy I am a teacher, retired, but still a teacher. That didn’t suddenly cease with the retirement dinner, gifts and cards. So many of my memories, some of which carry special significance, are from my teaching experiences. Here’s… Read More ›